Who's ready for a close-up? The incredible artistry and skills of this year's makeup and hairstyling Oscar nominees transformed talented actors into unforgettable characters.

The nominated films include All Quiet on the Western Front (Heike Merker and Linda Eisenhamerová), The Batman (Naomi Donne, Michael Marino and Mike Fontaine), Black Panther: Wakanda Forever (Camille Friend and Joel Harlow), Elvis (Mark Coulier, Jason Baird and Aldo Signoretti), and The Whale (Adrien Morot, Judy Chin and Annemarie Bradley-Sherron). Exclusive interviews with the artists provide unique insight into the meticulous work that went into every hair, contour, and brush stroke.

A.frame, the digital magazine of the Academy, is excited to celebrate and honor the nominees of the 95th Oscars across several branches by spotlighting their nominated films, craftsmanship, and personal stories. For more on this year's nominees, take a look at our Oscars hub. 


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